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ASEAN Youth Forum

The voice of millennials is a powerful and important force in today's society. This generation has brought a new perspective to many of the most pressing issues facing our world, from social justice and environmental sustainability to economic inequality and political polarization. As millennials continue to come of age and assume positions of leadership, their voice will only grow stronger, and their impact on the world will be felt for decades to come. However, this generation also faces significant challenges, including economic uncertainty and growing polarization.



Interact with their colleagues through some channels

Share New Ideas

Want to be able to share their ideas with their colleagues

Be Heard

Want to be listened to and make an impact


  1. ASEAN Students discussion on: (student perspective)
    • Three Global issues:
      • The Future of Higher Education: Accelerating Innovation and Optimizing Digital Technology
      • Strengthening Pentahelix to Improve University Employability and Industry Growth
      • The Role of Higher Education in Building Resilient Society and Promoting Environmental Sustainability
    • Declaration of ASEAN Millennials : Roles of ASEAN Millenials on Global Issues
    • Proposed action plan
  2. Reinforcement of ASEAN Student Organization/Association
  3. Art Performance

Roadmap to Declaration

1 2 3 4 1 2
Millennials 1 June, 7 June, 28 July, 12 Aug, 3 Aug, 10 Aug, 23 Aug, 24
Millennials 2 June, 14
July, 5 July, 26 Aug, 3 Aug, 10
Millennials 3 June, 21 July, 19 Aug, 2 Aug, 9 Aug, 3 Aug, 10


  • Kick off ASEAN Youth Forum (AYF) at Universitas, Indonesia, Depok Jawa Barat, 15th May 2023
  • Hybrid event integrated with Communique Webinar Series (https://ahec2023.org/webinar-series/)
  • Plenary : Class for panel session at Universitas Padjadjaran Campus, Jl. Dipatiukur No. 35 Bandung
  • Declaration : Auditorium for plenary session at Universitas Padjadjaran Campus, Jl. Dipatiukur No. 35 Bandung