The Launch of ASEAN Youth Forum 2023

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The launch of AHEC 2023 (ASEAN Higher Education Conference 2023) will be carried out in a series of events that started at “The 18th ASEAN and 8th ASEAN +3 Youth Cultural Forum”. At an event themed “THINK – FEEL – ACT: REVIVE STRONGER!”, various activities will be carried out, such as:

  1. Academic Cultural Lectures (minister and guest speakers),
  2. Excursion/Cultural Exposure (mini Gardens and several historical and cultural places);
  3. Workshops;
  4. Collaborative Cultural Performances; and
  5. Bazaar Festivals.

The launch of AHEC 2023 will be presented by Dr. Med Setiawan, the Chief Executive of AHEC 2023, and Dr. Yudi, the Chairman of the AHEC 2023 Youth Forum. It will be attended by 200 participants from 13 countries, Universities that are members of the ASEAN University Network (AUN) and AUN +3 Universities (Japan, Korea, China), and held at Universitas Indonesia, Depok.

The launch of the AHEC series and socialization at the youth forum is essential to catalyze the participation of universities in the ASEAN region and maximize the impact of the gathering of the ASEAN community. ASEAN’s universities and higher education institutions are catalysts in accelerating ASEAN’s economic, political, and socio-cultural development. In the economic context, this politics involves multi-related aspects, including the socio-cultural development of ASEAN through higher education that embraces the diversity and solidarity of the ASEAN Community through increased intra-ASEAN mobility for students, teachers, and higher education leaders.

It is hoped that the implementation of AHEC 2023 will not only focus on physical, institutional, and human-to-human relations but also contain explicit strategic goals to increase the number of intra-ASEAN students of ASEAN international students in 2025.

AHEC is expected to promote improvements in the quality of ASEAN higher education provision, enabling greater comparability and recognition of qualifications through harmonization, facilitating credit transfers for student mobility periods, and catalyzing internationalization through the critical mass of ASEAN mobility post-COVID-19.

Seeing the results of work in the consolidated ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Blueprint field, contributing to the achievement of AHEC supports the ASEAN Vision 2025 to improve the quality, competitiveness, and internationalization of higher education institutions and to realize a better harmonization and internationalization of ASEAN higher education. It is contained in maintaining and strengthening ASEAN’s capacity to harmonize higher education through strategies, mechanisms, and the provision of scholarships. As well as the disruption in student mobility due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing these new challenges and difficulties, AHEC becomes the venue for discussions, and formulations, and proposes adaptive and sustainable approaches to ASEAN higher education harmonization strategies and internationalization methodologies. This includes increasing access to and inclusion in internationalization programs.

Further information on AHEC activities can be seen on the website:

PIC contact: Dr. Yudi