Education & Innovation Expo

Each university has its own advantages in academics, research, university management and innovative products. Ahec provides a platform for universities and industries to showcase them in expo activities. There are opportunities to collaborate and join activites to create a great regional academic powerhouse.

This Education and Innovation Exhibition is an activity that will be held during ASEAN Higher Education Conference 2023 which will last for three days. Location of this event will be held at one of the Unpad Campuses: Iwa Koesoemasoemantri which is located on Jl. Dipatiukur no. 35, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

In this Exibition, ASEAN universities and industries were invited as participants. The capacity provided in holding this Exhibition is targeted at 150 booths.

With the holding of this Exhibition, all participating universities and industries can introduce their products, such as:

  • Education and Learning Technology and Innovation
  • Technology and Innovation in Research and its Implementation
  • Excellect Products for Higher Education and Industry

The theme of the products introduced follows from the major issues in AHEC 2023, namely Higher Education as the Epicentrum of Growth with issue in Technology and Energy, Health, Environment, Agriculture and Culture.

In addition, with more well-known research and innovation products, it is hoped that universities and industries throughout ASEAN will collaborate with each other, increase engagement so that they can provide support for development in solving development problems.